The genesis of the ARPEGGIO sound was created in 1979 by bassist Warren Oree.  The group has become a permanent segment in the infinite collage of Jazz music.

ARPEGGIO’S repertoire includes original and standard compositions.  Everyone in

the band composes which gives the group a versatile sound that appeals to a varie-

ty of audiences.  Their music is flexible, ranging from soft, contemplative melodies

to energetic, multirhythmic arrangements.  It is not unusual for audiences to break

out in dance in response to some of the pulsating beats issuing forth from the bandstand.  


The nuclei of ARPEGGIO are: Warren Oree – acoustic bass;  Umar Raheem –

tenor, soprano, and alto saxophones;  Greg “JuJu” Jones – drums;  Doug

“Pablow” Edwards – congas and percussion;  Frank Butrey – guitar. Depending on

the type of performance ARPEGGIO may perform as a trio, quartet, or even supple-

ment their sound with additional instrumentation or vocalists.  ARPEGGIO will customize the music to fit the occasion.

ARPEGGIO has shared their creative energy at jazz festivals and concerts in Brazil, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.  They are also involved in a number of

community educational programs and workshops, which include topics on the history

of jazz and some of it’s great innovators.  These programs are designed for children

and adults, musicians and non-musicians.

ARPEGGIO has released nine recordings, which includes: “MAN BITES DOG”(2010), “LIFELINE”(2009), and “SLO-BURN”(2005).  The group is currently working on a recording honoring jazz innovator Miles Davis called “All these Miles” with music arrangements by Warren Oree.  They are also the core of the “PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM JAZZ ORCHESTRA” created by Warren Oree.

Although ARPEGGIO’s musicians are comfortable in the studio, their true essence is revealed in their live performances.  ‘The Drumbeat Is the Heartbeat”…that’s the ARPEGGIO motto….the heart is life…like the drum…like the music.  


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